12 Big Benefits of Master Minding

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I, John, have been master minding off and on for about 27 years And I definitely notice when I have a strong masterminding group, my results and miracles soar compared to when I have a group that is not working right.

This series of weekly emails will provide some of the best tips I have had, used and created to facilitate great group work. There are many levels that groups and masterminds work on. It is our goal to support you at working with the highest level of Masterminding, synergy, collective group mind, group soul and connection, and manifesting as possible.

Below are my top 12 big benefits of masterminding

  1. Clear self expression – We need more opportunities to be clearly heard. To have a caring sounding board and to be valued. As we respect our group more and more, we want to put our best foot forward.
  2. Accountability – We make weekly commitments and follow up. We learn to honour ourselves and our word. We tend to move out of victimhood conversations into ‘I will’ conversations.
  3. Being vulnerable – For most of us life is about healing the programming and filters that keep us limited, blind and robotic. It blocks seeing our authenticity, uniqueness, purpose and potentials. Your group is a safe place to move out of your comfort zones and shadows to share and be vulnerable without judgment.
  4. Clarity of goals – Know what is important to you and have others know also. It is natural for group members to create a much bigger vision of themselves that escalates their growth and results.
  5. Learning and growth – Although not in all master mind groups, resolving problems and learning from each other or as a group with formal learning sessions is a great way to learn, grow and apply what you have learned in a safe play ground. And we consistently ask ourselves – what is working and not working so the group becomes more powerful every session.
  6. To care and share and unconditionally give – We are all different and we are not perfect and the more we can appreciate the differences and uniqueness aspects, the more we grow and mature as individuals. We learn the balance of giving and receiving.
  7. Holding the energy, space, vision, abilities, love of others AND THE GROUP as a whole, is a powerful gift that generously pays oneself back many times.
  8. Perspectives – All of us being of different levels of awareness, styles, characters and experiences offer a supportive, well rounded view on life that protects each of us from our blindsides, limitations, patterning and tunnel vision.
  9. Celebrations and witnessing other’s miracles. – Celebration is an act of completion as it anchors mini successes within us and is a confirmation that the universe (the mastermind) and your inner master mind circle provides what we need.
  10. Meaningful, purposeful and empowering conversations – We tend to be focused on what is important to us. Mediocrity and superficial conversations do not happen. It is the best meeting of the week and is empowering and motivational. We come prepared with our game hats on while still make time to laugh at ourselves.
  11. Be supported – It is even rare in the best relationships to have a caring, trusting, respectful, creative, compassionate group of others that objectively and subjectively care for you. A group that will in a loving way call your B.S. excuses and keep you learning about accountability.
  12. Resource base – Your ‘go to’ place for answers, ideas, options, immediate results and resources from your trusted team that support your big decisions in life.

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