Why MasterMind Circles?

Typical Mastermind Groups are a valuable tool for personal and professional growth and development. It is a combination of ideas, support, and experience in a group setting. The average Mastermind group meets on a regular (weekly to monthly) basis to provide the support needed to move you forward in your development. The group would get together in person or virtually, do a check in and discuss each other’s needs. There is a limited time frame to work with and the participants walk away with fresh ideas, attitude, and action steps.

MasterMind Circles creates a virtual ongoing supportive and idea generation environment with the benefit of a Coach/Facilitator. The group has the benefits of a typical mastermind setting because MasterMind Circles is accessible from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Experience the convenience of participating in a time and location that works for you. No long distance calls and take the time you need to think and respond. It’s an even playing field instead of having some over bearing and some non-sharing individuals.

Discussions happen weekly with continued support from the group and Coach/Facilitator throughout the entire week. Ask your burning question weekly and get multiple responses.

Grow, Learn, & Develop with the support, learning, and experience of others. Lots of tips are provided so you become more effective at supporting, manifesting, communicating and asking great questions.

Here is what MasterMinding can offer you:

    • Continual Feedback
    • 24/7 Access and Support
    • Convenience – Anytime, Anywhere
    • Deeper Thinking
    • Supportive
    • Clarity
    • Results oriented
    • Accountability