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March 2015 Review
February 2015 Review

March 2015 Review

The Master Mind Circle's Facilitator Team is impressed on the focus and effort of our 5 pre-beta members. 3 of them have built new web sites which are now operational and being reviewed by all the group participants.

We are proud to announce that over the last 4 weeks we have experienced 177 comment posts between 5 people. This averages out to be 35 comments per person. This powerful level of interaction is forming the group synergy and energy that is at work already.

There is also a focus towards acknowledging an energy/quality/essence to go with each person’s weekly request. We find it is much easier to bring to mind a higher causal quality than to play in the realms of effects and form.

Recently, we have solicited essence words for our group as a whole and here is what we got: purposeful CONNECTION, collective UNIFICATION. SUPPORTIVE AND ENCOURAGING, FAMILY, COMMUNITY and SUPPORT.

Some unsolicited comments about our mastermind circle have been...

  • I love the group energy we are creating.
  • I'm honored that we have all manifested being here with each other.
  • I love reading others updates and healing about their successes.
  • I can feel the energy in this group.
  • Birthing new things is truly awesome!

We encourage continued support, purposeful connection, and collective unification with our current and new MasterMind Circles.

Tara and John,
Your Master Mind Facilitators/Coaches

February 2015 Review

We are only weeks old and the magic of master minding is starting to work. It is amazing how something as simple as consistent attention and sharing makes a difference. To know others are putting effort into my needs, makes me more responsible to meet those needs. We realize that the whole of what we experience is definitely greater than the sum of its parts - there is a multiplier effect unfolding. A few of our members already feel it.

Our requests are becoming more meaningful. For one participant it is reaching a deeper level of asking your LIFE QUESTION. If we are asking weekly requests of some burning desire we navigate towards our core life questions - the 'why am I' here question. And we get to see varying perspectives of it as members as the circle responds.

You can read an interesting perspective on the Need for Group Work by John Robson.

3 Member Miracles (names are not disclosed for privacy reasons)

"My miracle in the Mastermind Test Group is the development of a poetry book manuscript. The project has developed from a collection of poems to selection of themed pieces to the publication of a book. This process included clarity of book purpose and audience, the actual self-publishing process, including graphics, proofing, focus and branding, website and Facebook page design, marketing and distribution. Wow!! Thank you. I can’t quite believe the whole magical miracle. The process changed my view of my writing life."

"MasterMind Circles has given me the opportunity to give and receive feedback at my convenience. I am more creative and thoughtful in providing well formulated and meaningful ideas, clarity, and insight to individuals and the group as a whole. As we progress, we grow a stronger sense of joint effort and accountability. I'm excited to see what the group will achieve in six months!"

"Since participating in the Master Mind Circle, I am more clear, committed and in action on my goals. I feel very supported by my fellow/sister Master Minders and I enjoy being able to be of support to them as well. I am experiencing increased confidence and synchronicities in building my business and attracting my perfect clients. I am also very inspired by the success of those in my Master Mind Circle and I believe that has a powerful ripple effect."

Tara, Your Master Mind Facilitator/Coach

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