The Power of Masterminding – with a Difference

At your time – not the groups. From anywhere. With time to think.

If you had a magic wand that worked for you every time, what would you wish for? If you had a wise group of supporters on your side, full of ideas and support – your success rate would soar.

Are you one of these? Introvert, creative and spiritual, lacking at-home privacy and busy? Our unique process will work very well for you.

Communication is hard at the best of times – especially group interaction. There are always the verbose ones, the self-centred ones, and the super quiet ones that have to fight to get their say. It does not help confidence building when someone steals the show with a rant on their mediocrity, and I have a burning need that needs some answers.

We have just levelled the playing field!

Now we all get equal time to speak our truth, support others and share ideas. And we get to do this in our prime time after we have thought through our responses. This way you give quality support and ideas and you also get back the same – from the whole group.

Join a mastermind group and we will facilitate how you can co-create the life you want for yourself and others in your group.

Amplify your power to co-create and at the same time help others to create their dreams. Apply the synergy of 1+1+1+1 = 1111. Learn and unleash the power of group consciousness. You only need to know how to access it.

The success of well run mastermind groups is well known. Now we add a few new dimensions to it.

Others with abundant and fulfilled lives are using powerful master mind techniques daily. And now these methods are available to you within your own mastermind circle. Our e-mails will facilitate your learning process so you can become a mastermind co-creator.

You will receive:

  • access to your circle’s secret Facebook group
  • inspirational reminders, training and instructions twice per week
  • profiles of each member
  • an individual and group accountability tracking chart
  • everyone’s 30, 60, and 90 day goals
  • a trained facilitator to maintain an even and productive playing field for all concerned.
  • regular weekly training modules on creativity, support, communications, manifesting and more
  • updates on the main insights from other groups (all names are removed for privacy)

****This service is not available at this time.****

For a unique Coach Approach  for manifesting your dreams with built in master minding features visit Higher Awareness.