Empowered and Unified with MasterMind Groups

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I was brought up to believe that we shouldn’t bother others with our needs and wants. To keep it to myself. Be strong. Suck it up. Move on.

I accomplished a lot in my life by keeping emotions and energy to myself, creating my own momentum, and making progress. There were times that I tried leaning on others but didn’t get what I needed. Sometimes I even lost my motivation along the way. I knew there must be a better way. The problem was that I truly didn’t know what it was or how to find it. As I got older, and some may say wiser, I realized that friends and family that wanted the best for me, either didn’t understand me or were scared that I may fail… or succeed and not need them anymore.

I read books to get to know who I really was. I set personal goals. I went out and met new people through various business and community meet-up groups. I searched high, I searched low. I finally found what I was looking for within a mastermind group. It turns out that I needed to be around people who were motivated and driven to make more and do more for themselves and others. I had to change my way of thinking. I moved from the doing it alone attitude and into the mindset of group thinking.

The collective unit brings more experience and knowledge. It was a small intimate space. We shared our successes and leaned on each other for guidance and ideas on how to improve on our challenges. There was a consistency that made me feel accountable to the group; I wasn’t going to show up empty handed. I wanted to grow and develop who I was but also wanted to contribute and ensure the other participants were getting great value from my participation.

However, there were some limitations to the in-person mastermind group. Timing wasn’t always perfect. Some days I had to rearrange my schedule to be there; other days I had to miss the meeting. When I did, I let down the other participants that were always there to support me.

The power of mastermind groups is incomparable. Each member of the group left feeling recharged, full of ideas, and ready to make more progress that week. It is exciting to know this power can now be shared and experienced at the convenience of the participant’s schedules and time restrictions through MasterMind Circles.

Bringing strength, accountability, and determination to empower and unify like minds.

Tara Leske

Success Coach and MasterMind Facilitator