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Master Minding and Triumphant Teamwork!

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“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi

In every company, every organization, and every household there is a level of teamwork. The best teams are formed with a sense of respect, community, and commitment to success. They have learned how to commit to their personal values and beliefs and empower the rest of the team to form an attitude of group success. When you consider participating in a team, what do you value the most? How do you ensure that value is present in the group setting?

How to be a Team Member

  • Listening – Be fully engaged in the conversation and listen with your whole self. Instead of thinking of your task list or of what you want to say, fully listen to what others are saying. Are you looking to jump into the conversation or are you looking to fully understand before you reply?
  • Non-Judgement – Having a safe place open to conversation opens the group to more possibilities and deeper conversation. How do you support everyone to share their opinions in a safe place? What do you do to make sure everyone is heard?

  • Respect – Speak in a courteous manner. Consider that some conversations are better in a one on one environment rather than the group setting. When you are in a room of people are you the loudest voice in the room? How can you allow others to be heard? Are you the quiet one in the corner? How do you ensure your feedback is taken into consideration?

How to Commit to Each Other

  • Clarity – Be clear with what you want/need from the group. What behaviors are you looking for from them? When you think about what you are asking from them, are you specific in your needs? Also consider what you would like to share most with the group. What talents and resources do you have or are willing to learn to benefit the group?
  • Goals – Similar to clarity but at a deeper level. Set goals for yourself so you and the group know how they can support you. Are you specific on your goals? What can you do to make your goals stronger?

  • Participate – Teams are most successful when a team effort is involved. Be committed to the process and be there to support the members of your team. Do you follow through with your promises? How can you support your team (and yourself) even more?

Common group settings involve a variety of dynamics. Mastermind groups are a more formal setting and are often more structured with specific rules in place. With that said, each group has their own style and structure. It is important to remember that not only are you there as an individual, you are part of a team.

MasterMind Circles takes the key features of teams as listed above and allows all voices to be heard by providing an online support structure. This means one voice is not louder than the others and or patiently waiting on the sidelines. Each participant has the opportunity to plan out their response and reply in their best possible way.

Be more than part of a team, be part of a united alliance!

Tara Leske
Success Coach and MasterMind Facilitator